***Review – Rebel by Elle Casey – Rebel #1 – 4.5 Stars***

Rebel by Elle Casey
Rebel #1

RebelTeagan Cross, college senior, rebel, and wiseass extraordinaire, goes from princess to pauper in a single phone call. Overnight, her life of privilege becomes one of survival, and no matter where she turns, it seems like the world is out to get her. She’s not going to fall apart, though. She’s a rebel and she’s strong … determined to live life on her own terms … and nothing’s going to stop her from getting things done and making things right. But when a twist of fate brings her to the doorstep of a different kind of Rebel, she’s forced to figure out when something’s worth fighting for and when something’s worth letting go.











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Review 4.5 Stars

Rebel by Elle Casey is book #1 in the Rebel series and the first book I have read by this author.

This book was fab!!!!

I’ve literally just read the last page and I have a massive grin on my face, I really, really enjoyed that!!!

Teagan is funny a bit daft and I instantly liked her. She’s a bit Bridget Jones cringe worthy at times but I think that just makes her more likeable and endearing.

Rebel well honestly I think I’m in love!!!! The guy barely had any dialogue but I don’t really need him to speak because the mental images I have of him speak volumes!!!!!

I love the fact that he’s a virtual mute; his stoic nature is the perfect juxtaposition to his caring protective nature when it comes to Teagan.

This couple don’t exactly have a romance, they go from nothing to ‘you’re my girl’ but truthfully if he said that to me I’d agree too!!!

Gotta love the Hellion and Trouble too they were both absolutely adorable. They took up the instant big brother roles for Teagan and I loved that about them.

I’m not sure how I feel about Quin I sort of just wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up half the time.

This author has added a further dimension with all the drama and tension. I’m super excited to see how it all plays out in the next book.

Who exactly is the blonde??? It’s driving me daft not knowing!!!

Overall this book was great; it had me on the edge of my seat and completely hooked.

Rebel gets 4.5 stars from me.

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