***Review – Asher by Jo Raven – Inked Brotherhood #1 – 3 Stars***

Asher by Jo Raven
Inked Brotherhood #1



Young sports guy with a naked torso
Young sports guy with a naked torso

Now eighteen, Audrey returns to her hometown for the first time after the accident – the car crash that took her dad and scarred her for life. She’s here to start again. Go to college and have fun. Make new friends. Get over the past.

But the past won’t let go. Asher is here – her first kiss, her first heartbreak. More handsome and distant than ever, he’s still the boy who used to be her best friend. That was before he changed into someone she hardly knows anymore – the boy who started getting into fights and gave her the cold shoulder for years.

Asher isn’t what she needs. In fact, she hates him and should try her best to keep away from him. Yet her body doesn’t seem to care about how she feels, and maybe, just maybe this time her body got it right. Not that she has much of a choice. Asher draws her like a bright flame, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll burn.

And that may not be such a bad thing after all…






Review 3 Stars


Asher is book #1 in the inked brotherhood series and the first book I have read by Jo Raven.

I had high expectations of this book; I’ve had several recommendations for this series, so I was very excited to get started.

I’ve got to say I was a little disappointed, it’s not badly written and it’s not that it’s a bad story the problem was that I just feel like this story has been done before.

All of the characters came across as both too young and too old. These kids all went to school together so they are all 18 years old, yet they talk like they are in their 30’s. I couldn’t find any relatable qualities in any of the characters because they are all incredibly messed up and complicated. I know that this should make the characters diverse and unique, but I found myself going ‘surely at least one of these characters is happy and well rounded!!’

I just couldn’t get into the story, I feel bad for Asher but that’s as far as my depth of emotion went for him.

Honestly I just found Audrey a little self-absorbed!!

Zane seemed super sweet but again I would have put him mid-thirties.

If this had been the first tale of woe angsty teenage drama I’d ever read I probably would have loved it. But I feel like I’ve read it too many times before and all of my empathy has gone.

Asher isn’t a bad book I think I’m just done with this genre for a while.

Asher gets 3 stars from me.

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