***Review – The Australian by Lesley Young – Crime Royalty Romance #2 – 4.5 Stars***

The Australian by Lesley Young
Crime Royalty Romance #2


The Australian




The AustralianImagine leaving behind all that you know and starting over halfway around the world. Imagine you’ve got no gut instinct to rely on, no natural-born ability to read people or sort out lies from truth. Imagine your heart goes haywire every time you stare into a certain pair of deeply mesmerizing dark eyes. Now you’re in Charlie Sykes’ (highly sensible) shoes . . .

Charlie Sykes takes everything and everyone at face value, and believes life would be a lot easier if everyone else did, too. Jace Knight, international Aussie hotelier and purported playboy, has never met anyone like the absurdly literal and obliviously beautiful American who applies to his personal assistant position.

The trouble is, how do you seduce a woman whose definition of flirting comes straight out of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary? That, and he’s not the only one after Charlie. Seems Mr. Knight may not be a reformed criminal after all.

Charlie soon finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of dangerous international espionage that takes her from the hip streets of Sydney to the majestic Great Barrier Reef and the wild, desolate outback. A terrible trap’s being laid, but how will Charlie protect herself and prevent a devastating betrayal when she can’t even sort out what her heart’s telling her?


Review 4.5 Stars



The Australian is book #2 in the Crime Royalty series, I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of this book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.

I LOVED The Frenchman so I went straight onto The Australian with seriously high expectations.

Well The Australian is a completely different kettle of fish but it’s equally brilliant.

Charlie, god what to even say about Charlie??? Well she’s basically the female Sheldon Cooper!!! She’s socially awkward, a bit weird, sheltered and I adored her!!!

She’s blunt to the point of rude, but she’s so innocently sweet that I found her incredibly endearing. This book was like a journey of discovery for her, she grew as a person and allowed herself to explore her emotions and try to understand other people to a greater level.

Charlie is one of the most unusual female characters I’ve ever read in a romance novel. The way Lesley Young has written her is brilliant, her ‘voice’ is robotic and monotone like shes emotionless but in her own strange way she feels things very deeply. The writing in this book is flawless I felt like I understood Charlie’s confusion about people and relationships, I felt her struggle but also her intelligence and the complexity of these new emotions to her.

I really liked Jace, he never once made Charlie feel bad about her quirks, in fact I think he really liked them. Jace really was a tricky one; he’s super intelligent but so controlled he manages to keep everyone on the back foot.

This book is incredibly awkward, their relationship is so weird but it’s also incredibly beautiful. The way that Charlie and Jace interact is simplified to a point where they spell out their feelings for each other.

The sub plot of espionage, crime and violence runs underneath the surface of this story, and I was almost as drawn to who was spying on who and who was betraying who as I was to the love story.

This book in unconventional, weird and kind of perfect.

I loved that Charlie and Jace get a happy ending and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

The Australian gets 4.5 Stars from me.  

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