***Review – The Frenchman by Lesley Young – Crime Royalty Romance #1 – 4.5 Stars***

The Frenchman by Lesley Young
Crime Royalty Romance #1

The Frenchman



The FrenchmanFleur Smithers rarely veers off the straight and (excruciatingly) narrow. So moving to the seaport town of Toulon to live with her newfound biological mother—an inspector with the French National Police—for one year is a pretty major detour.

Son of France’s crime royalty family and international rugby star, Louis Messette, is devoted to his sport, famille and nothing else. But the carefree American he meets one night changes everything. She sparks a desire in him like no other. Possession takes root. She will do as he commands.

Bit by bit Fleur slips into the Frenchman’s realm of wanton pleasure agreeing to his one condition: that she keep their affair secret. She serves up her heart without reservation in the hub of the glittering Côte d’Azur, and the along the soulful Seine in Paris, unaware of the danger she is in. For her new lover’s family business will pit her against her mother, the police woman sworn to bring down the Messettes. And by then, far more than Fleur’s heart will be on the line.

Review 4.5 Stars

The Frenchman is book #1 in the Crime Royalty romance series and the first book I have read by this author. I was gifted a copy of this book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.

As a book blogger I get offered a LOT of books to review, obviously I pick and choose which ones I think I will enjoy, and the ones that fit into my schedule. The Frenchman got offered to me twice and I ummmed and ahhhhed about it unsure if it was my cup of tea. When I was offered it a third time I decided that the fact that it kept coming back to me meant that it was probably fate and I was obviously meant to read it.

Well I’ve just finished it………


Fate you are a bloody genius, I LOVED this book!!!

From start to finish I was engrossed in Fleur and Louis story, I laughed with them, groaned with them, groaned at them lol. This book just pulled me in and I didn’t want to get out.

Fleur is ridiculously naive, she’s 23 but is so innocent and sheltered I would have put her closer to 18. I rolled my eyes and grimaced as she managed to completely miss the glaringly obvious things that pointed to who Louis and his family were.

Somehow this almost stupidity is endearing, I liked that she was blinkered to the darker side of the world. I found her unwavering search for the good in people refreshingly childlike, I found myself wanted to live in her rose tinted world.

Louis, Louis, Louis…… can I have him please???

He’s alpha, bossy, charming and most of the time almost monocyclic. How Lesley Young wrote such an obnoxious, bossy ass and managed to make him sweet and incredibly sexy is beyond me and then to have him hardly utter a word yet be a commanding force is infact an act of literary brilliance.

My one and only criticism of this book is that although French is apparently the language of love that only works if you understand it!!!! Louis rarely speaks and when he does a lot of it is written in French which I don’t read and without some kind of translation (which there wasn’t all of the time) I sometimes felt a little disassociated with the dialogue.

The Frenchman twists and turns and it will have you guessing who’s the good guy and who is the bad guy. I loved the undercurrent of violence and crime that bubbles beneath the surface of this story, we never really have to see it but it definitely added another dimension to the story.  

The sex scenes in this book are intense and passionate; they feel like more than just a quick fuck. I felt the connection that Fleur and Louis shared and it definitely made the sex hotter and sexier!!

I really enjoyed this book, I can’t wait to get started on book #2 The Australian.

The Frenchman gets 4.5 Stars from me.

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