***Review – Trouble by Elle Casey – Rebel #3 – 3 Stars***

Trouble by Elle Casey
Rebel #3



TroubleAlissa Benson used to have plans. Big ones. Important ones. But all those plans went down the drain on her twenty-first birthday, and now she’s just trying to pick up the pieces and manage the fallout. Sure, there are people wanting to help. But they’re pushy and suffocating and none of them can say more than ten words without cussing. And then of course there’s Colin. As if life isn’t complicated enough. He’s the guy who couldn’t stand to even look at her last week but now seems to keep popping up every time she turns around. She’d like to say she can’t stand the sight of him, but that would be a lie. It doesn’t matter, though. Life is too complicated for dreaming about guys like him. Alissa has a baby almost due, no job, no money, and there’s nothing she hates more than being a burden. But when her past moves into her present, threatening to take away her very last shred of dignity, she’s forced to reconsider everything she ever thought she knew about the world and herself.

Review 3 Stars

Trouble is book #3 in the Rebel Series my Elle Casey, I Ioved the first book, disappointed with the second book but I really wanted to persevere with the series so onto book 3 I go….

I liked Colin in the first two books I feel like he always got a rough ride from his brothers, so I just felt a bit sorry for him. 

He’s actually just a really nice guy with a lot of guilt, I kinda adore him!! I don’t feel like he’s swoon worthy but I just wanted him to be ok.

I HATED Alyssa in Hellion; I thought she was a right stuck up cow. Her circumstances definitely made her less of a bitch but I still didn’t really like her.

This book was sweet and much better than Hellion but I still didn’t like it as much as Rebel.

I was soooooo disappointed with the way that Teagan’s family drama played out!!! It was so anticlimactic!!!

Unfortunately this series started brightly but the following books just were never quite as good.

I’m glad that everyone had a nice happy ending. Trouble gets 3 stars from me

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