***Review – Fallen Crest University by Tijan – Fallen Crest #5 – 10 Stars***

Fallen Crest University by Tijan
Fallen Crest #5

Fallen Crest University



Fallen Crest UniversityFallen Crest is back with a vengeance!

Samantha, Mason, and Logan are all together and united with one common enemy: Sebastian Park, the king of fraternity douchebags.

With professional football scouts eyeing his every move, Mason Kade has to walk the line for the first time in his life. Any move he makes against Sebastian has to be perfect and under the radar. One mistake, and his career is over.

Sebastian has other plans. Mason’s career isn’t his target—not even close. Wanting to destroy Mason completely, Sebastian knows he must hit him where it hurts the most: Samantha, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass that she’s the target.

Sam is bound and determined to protect Mason herself, no matter the cost, but what if the cost is beyond her imagination? What if this time, the villain wins?








Review 10 Stars

Fallen Crest University is book #5 in the Fallen Crest Series.

It’s a very rare occasion when I preorder a book, I get 90% of the books I read for free (I’m a blogger) and the other 10% tend to be amazon freebies or absolute must reads. So Fallen Crest University must be pretty damn special to make me click that ever tempting Preorder button.

I not so patiently synced my kindle every 5 seconds once midnight hit on release day.

And then I abandoned the book I was reading and stayed up till 4am reading Fallen Crest University.

Many people would say this makes me insane…. I would say that makes me a true Tijanette!!!!

I LOVE this series, Im pretty sure it’s my favourite series of all times.

I didn’t have a chance to reread the rest of the series before starting this book, but honestly I didn’t need to. From the first page every detail of the previous books flew back to me and Sam, Mason and Logan reaffirmed their positions as three of the most consuming characters I have ever encountered.

Sam is strong yet delicate, I love how she needs Mason but this book really showed her growth and maturity. She for once tried to take on the role of protector and she oozed the bad ass attitude that she has fought so hard to develop from the start of this series.

Logan was still hilarious, but he too grew and developed as a character. Don’t get me wrong I adore the silly, sarcastic Logan. His exuberance and ability to be reckless was still there but he also seemed to start to consider his actions and put more thought into the repercussions of his decisions. This book features a few scenes from Logan’s POV and I think that just made me fall in love with him even more.

Mason, Mason, Mason….

Honestly to anyone who has read this book I probably don’t need to say anymore.

But for those of you who haven’t or are debating if they should buy it or not.

Mason does everything with an intensity that is incredibly rare to find, he’s not overtly alpha more quietly sinister, yet his movement, attitude, actions and general behaviour make him possibly one of the most alpha characters I’ve ever read.

Mason’s love for Sam is all consuming and this book shows just how infallible their love is. They both make stupid decisions in this series but I have never once considered that they might split up. This book has the most beautiful scene where Mason tells Sam all the ways he loves her and god my heart just melted.

Everything Mason does is calculated and considered, he is constantly 5 moves in front of everyone else and if he wasn’t the perfect anti-hero he would be one seriously terrifying enemy.

Basically to me Mason is absolute perfection!!!

Tijan has created her most psychotic bad guy in Park Sebastian because well basically he is a sociopath. He seems to honestly believe he is above the law and is terrifyingly ruthless. I loved to hate him!!!

This book starts tense and builds on that till the very end and I couldn’t have put my kindle down even if I had wanted to.

I could probably write at least another page about why this book is so good but instead I’m going to condense it down to this.

Fallen Crest University is outstandingly brilliant and it will rock your world. You will lose sleep, you will sleep, eat and breathe Sam, Mason and Logan and you will love every moment of it.

This book gets 10 stars from me!!!


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