***Review – Breaking Love by BB Reid – Broken Love #4 – 4 Stars***

Breaking Love by BB Reid
Broken Love #4

Breaking Love

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00037]She’s the girl who got away, but now she’s back…

Four years was all it took.

I told myself I didn’t need friends. I didn’t need family. I sure as fuck didn’t need him.

And you know what?

I was right.

He had been inside of me, coursing through my veins.

So I cut and bled Dash Chambers until I was free.

But the day I returned to Six Forks and was thrown at his feet, I realized I would never forget how it felt to have every inch of him inside me.

…and he’s waiting.

Angel thought if she ran far enough, she’d be free.

What’s mine will always be mine.

This time I do things my way.



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Review 4 Stars


Breaking Love is book #4 in the Broken Love series.

I have binge read the 4 books in this series in the last few days and honestly I’m desperate for more.

This book is Willow and Dash’s story and it’s again full of twists and turns and intrigue.

This bunch of friends just can’t get a break and the bad guys just keep on coming.  I’d feel sorry for them if it didn’t make such good reading.

I always felt bad for Dash, he was always very obviously in love with Willow and even if he did do a few shady things I always really liked him.

There was some definite sexually charged tension between this couple but it didn’t have any of the hate or angry need for revenge that we have seem in the previous books.

I expected this book to answer some of the list I questions I have about kidnapping and why this gang of kids keep getting kicked whilst they are down but unfortunately it didn’t really answer any of them.

In comparison to the previous books this story was seriously lacking in the sex department and honestly that’s a massive shame.

I need to know what the hell is going on and why they keep trying to kill Kieran but the next book isn’t out till 2016 and I need it NOW!

This series has captured my attention and sucked me in till I have become completely obsessed!

Roll on book 5 and hopefully some answers!!

Breaking Love gets 4 stars from me.



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