***Review – For3ver by H.Q. Frost & M. Dauphin – 1.5 Stars***

For3ver by H.Q. Frost & M Dauphin


For3verWhen it came to her lifelong friendship to the Porter boys, Ryley Reynolds knew one thing to be true: The 3 of them would be friends forever. Friends ’till the end.

When life got in the way of their plans, one decision changed the course of all of their lives.

Five years later, friends are brought back together, secrets are unveiled, and love is found again. Has too much damage been done to erase the past?












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Review 1.5 Stars


Ok so I just finished For3ver by H.Q. Frost & M. Dauphin This is the first book I have read by these authors, I was gifted a copy to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.

When I started this book I saw the index page and that there were only 17 chapters I immediately thought gosh that’s short. How wrong I was!!!! These are 17 of the longest chapters in the world ever!!!

The book is told in duel POV from both Ryley and Liam. Normally I love a duel POV but today it just made me hate both characters instead of just one!!!!

The first three quarters of this book are about Ryley, Liam and Gage Liam’s older brother as children. I was expecting to find a touching retelling of a blissful youth!!!! Again how wrong I was, this is a mean, dark and pretty dismal tale of three incredibly dysfunctional teenagers who grasp at each other in an incredibly unhealthy way!!!

This review is gonna be mean so I apologise now!!!

Liam, Ryley and Gage are all incredibly unlikeable characters, they pretend to love one another and care about each other’s feelings but there actions show that really they are all just playing a weird game of semi insestual chicken.

Liam is obsessed with Ryley, Gage is obsessed with Ryley. Personally I think Gages interest only stems from his jealous over Liam’s feelings for Ryley.

Ryley knows that both boys are in love with her, yet she continues to basically ‘play’ with both of them for years. 

What bugs me the most is the way that even though Ryley screws over both boys and the boys both screw over each other it’s never truly discussed. The drama and weirdness of the whole situation is brushed under the carpet and ignored!!!

A series of horrifying and traumatising events occur and then the situation jumps forward six years.

If possible both Liam and Ryley as adults manage to be even more unlikeable than they were as kids and I struggled to find even a snippet of sympathy for they continuing awfulness that surrounds them!!!

This is not a happy go lucky story!!! I didn’t feel any real love connection between Liam and Ryley; it felt more like an obsessive compulsion that extensive therapy might have helped.

The dialogue flashes backwards and forwards between disconnected and robotic to so overly emotional ‘I Love You’ was literally every second phrase!!!

I really struggled to engage with this book because I disliked the characters so much!!!

I’m sorry to say that For3ver gets 1.5 stars from me.

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