***Review – Outlaw’s Kiss by Nicole Snow – Grizzlies MC #1 – 3.5 Stars***

Outlaws kiss by Nicole snow
Grizzlies MC #1

Outlaws Kiss


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00014]AN OUTLAW’S KISS SEDUCES, CONQUERS, AND NEVER LIES…


The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation. Guess nobody told him you don’t take cash from killers without savage consequences. Now, the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I. We’re only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who won’t stop ordering me around says so. He saved us, but he’s also an enigma I don’t understand. Why does he keep calling me his old lady? Is he really the light to our darkness? And why the hell can’t I stop thinking nasty, shameful things about ending up underneath his wicked tattoos and crude lips?


I claimed her on impulse, and all my brothers laughed. Didn’t know I’d end up with a smoking hot spitfire who looks at me like I’m the devil himself. I expected my reputation to crack, but my damned mind’s going with it. She’s got me questioning my own club and asking myself every single day how long I can keep my hands off her. It was only pretend, a way to keep her safe. But I can’t ignore the very real brutality, corruption, and danger stalking us. Just like I can’t forget the storm in my blood that won’t stop howling ’til she’s wearing my brand and bracing for my kiss.

Play time’s over. Missy’s gonna be my old lady – no more faking it – and nothing’s standing in my way…



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Review 3.5 Stars


Outlaws kiss is book #1 in the Grizzlies MC series and the first book I have read by this author.

I like MC books, I like the dirty and mean and I’m pleased to say that Outlaws Kiss has a lot of the dirty and mean bits I love so much!!

I didn’t love the idea of Brass being a recovering Smack Head, honestly that made him much less attractive to me. I get that this is a spin off from another series but… yeah druggies don’t float my boat.

The MC in this book was violent and brutal, they were definitely missing that brotherhood and camaraderie that’s usually part and parcel of the MC genre.

Brass and Missy have a weird passionate Intensity that although it’s extreme instalove I actually quite liked. Once they made the move and shagged there was no back and forth they were just a strong unit together.

I liked this book, but I think I enjoyed the MC war and the hostile takeover more than the romance

All in all an enjoyable read 3.5 stars.

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