***Review – Pep Talks by Ali Dean – Pepper Jones #4 – 4 Stars***

Pep Talks by Ali Dean
Pepper Jones #4

Pep Talks

Pep TalksPepper’s freshman year at college is a harder transition than she anticipated. Uncertain of her coach’s expectations or her place amongst her new teammates, she struggles to redefine her running goals and identity on the cross country team.

Pepper’s steady relationship with Jace should be a source of comfort as she navigates the college social environment, but an unexpected event throws everything between them off track.

Also, hear from Jace’s point of view for the first time EVER.

Growing up is hard, and when you’re Pepper Jones, running may be the only way to help you get through it.

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Review 4 Stars


Pep Talks is book #4 in the Pepper Jones series.


I’m so glad that I haven’t had a chance to read this book till the final book has been published, because if I’d just finished Pep Talks with no next book to go straight to I would have cried!!!!

******this review has spoilers so be warned******

I hate that Jace is a bloody idiot for the majority of this book!!! I’m honestly not sure I would forgive him if I were in Peppers place. His behaviour is so our of line that even though my heart breaks for him and his obvious abandonment issues I still want to slap him silly!!!

Pepper really grows and goes from strength to strength in this book and I actually quite like the post Jace maturity that she has.

Ultimately I’m totally #teamJace so I need for Pepper to kick his ass and for them to get their happily ever after!!

I was expecting either Ryan or Clayton to make a play for Pepper and I was sort of disappointed that she didn’t get some rebound revenge on Jace.

This book made me sad I love them as a couple and I don’t see there being an easy way back to each other.

Pep Talks gets 4 stars from me.

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