***Review – Sweet Addiction by L.J. Scar – 4 Stars***

Sweet Addiction by L.J. Scar

Sweet Addiction



Sweet AddictionOne skilled contractor. One novice real estate investor. One unrealistic time frame.

Beck’s business card motto is “Don’t worry; I’ll fix it.” He prides himself on his skills…especially with women. After filing permits for a new job, he becomes awestruck by an unusual beauty making a big mistake. When she has the highest bid on a sheriff’s auction foreclosure and becomes the new occupant of the house across the street from him, his abilities get put to the test.

Hayden’s job as the office lackey is less than gratifying. While filling in for the junior vice president on a property acquisition she gets outbid, and then finds herself the not so proud owner of fixer upper with a questionable past. Suddenly out of work, out of money, and down to her last candy bar, she must flip her first home in time to pay off a risky loan before interest starts accruing at a staggering rate.

She’s determined to do this on her own. He’s determined to help. As renovation turns into romance, things get fixed, things get broken, while hearts, heads and homes get flipped.





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Review 4 Stars


Sweet Addiction is the first book I have read by this author, I was gifted a copy of this book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.

Ok so I’m 31 and as a teenager (and pretty much now too) I loved chick flicks. Those brilliant, romantic comedies that made you giggle and go arrrr. You knew at the end the happy ending would be adorable and you would come out with a smile on your face. I would watch them again and again because they were just lovely and simple.

Well this book is the equivalent to those films.

Sweet Addiction is easy and sweet and has a happy ending all tied up in a pretty pink bow.

I enjoyed the bantering romance that Hayden and Beck embraced; I loved their flirty conversation and playful silliness.

This book is funny and at times silly but in the best possible way.

As a great beach read there’s no drama or angst, in fact this is good old fashioned chick lit.

As a general rule I don’t read a lot of romantic comedies but I’m classifying this book in the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” genre. Chick lit has been a popular style for years and there’s a reason for that.

Sweet Addiction is a quick easy read that I suggest you accompany with a warm blanket and a glass of red wine on a cold wintery day.

It gets 4 stars from me.

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