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Logan Kade by Tijan
Fallen Crest High #5.5

Logan Kade

Logan KadePeople think that just because they know my name, my reputation, and my family that they know me. They don’t.

They say I’m a manwhore, but who wouldn’t be with my face and body? They say I’m a partier, and that’s not going to change. They say I’m a fighter, and hell yes I am. F*ck with mine, and I’ll f*ck you back ten times worse.

So, yes. Maybe what they say is true, but that’s not all of me.

I’m loyal to a damned fault. If you earn it, I’ll never leave your side. And when I love, I love hard, but there’s another side to me where it’s dark and painful. That side’s been kept hidden, until her. Taylor saw inside of me, and the second she was there, she owned me.

People think they know me…

…but only she can see me.







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Review 5 Stars


Logan Kade is the latest offering in the Fallen Crest series, this is a standalone book but it’s very much part of this amazing series and in my opinion it needs to be read in conjunction with the other books to be truly appreciated.

I have been impatiently waiting for this book; I’ve counted down and badgered everyone for a UK preorder link so I could make sure this story was on my kindle the moment it was published.

This is the type of book that requires all of your attention so absolutely no picking up and putting down, distracted by kids, or husbands or adulting. Nope I wanted to make sure I could savour him, every awesome bloody word of him!!

Logan in my humble opinion has been the unsung hero of the Fallen Crest novel. Mason is insanely alpha and bad ass and Sam is well beautifully broken but Logan well in his own eloquent words Logan is AWESOME!!!!

I’ve been willing Logan to find love since way back at the beginning of Fallen Crest High, and before anyone starts shouting we all knew he was going to fall so this isn’t a spoiler. Tijan couldn’t have written a better counterpart for him!!!

I loved that Taylor was nothing at all like the bright and perky girls, or a mega bitch like Tate was. She’s very similar to Sam but much more in touch with her emotions, she sees Logan and that made my heart swell.

The scene where she goes running and sees Logan was the flawless and if I could only keep one scene from the whole book it would be that one. Even faced with Logan being Logan she saw straight past the man whore and deep into his little boy lost soul and from that moment on she was my hero.

This girl is everything Logan needs her to be and together they are utter perfection!!

Any lead character that can hashtag himself in the middle of a conversation is my humble opinion is up there with the best character EVER!!!

Logan is hilariously funny, the quintessential cheeky chappy and honestly incredibly sexy for all his cocky confidence. But how this book changes our perception of Logan is that it lets us look deeper than the manwhore, deeper than the joker and into the core of Logan.

His shiny, sugary outer shell is a seriously pretty picture but the soft gooey centre makes him one of my favourite characters ever.

His special place was so Logan and it was so insightful into his and Mason’s childhood I just wanted to reach into the book and give him a massive hug. And then I thought #sexmachine and burst out laughing.

Logan really grows up in this book and to see the perfect girl for him standing by his side was the best way for his story to come to an end.

Did anyone else feel incredibly sorry for Nate in this book? Mason and Sam are happily loved up and now Logan and his girl but poor Nate is pushed to the side again. Come on now Tijan Nate needs a book too!!

This series can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned and Logan Kade was a much needed addition. Nate needs his happy ending too

Logan Kade was brilliant 5 stars from me.

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