@kellygolly ***Review – Revue by K.M. Golland – Wild Nights #1 – 4 Stars***

Revue by K.M. Golland
Wild Nights #1


RevueHe was on a collision course.
… I had paved my way
He answered to no one.
… I respected authority
He wanted me.
… I despised him
He didn’t take no for an answer.
… NO!

When freelance photographer, Corinne Lee, is required to visually document the nationwide tour of Wild Nights Male Revue, she finds herself in a world of near-naked, testosterone-fuelled men on stage—not her photographic muse of choice. She also finds herself in the arms of Josh, the revue’s star performer.

Josh Adams thrives on the limelight, the stage and, most of all, the attention of women who endlessly throw themselves at him. He dances sex, speaks sex, breathes sex … is sex! Josh lives for sex, but never with the same woman.

When both opinionated and headstrong characters are closely thrust together in a lust-ridden and sexually-charged environment, which of the two will break first?
Will Josh realise that Corinne could be the exception to his ‘no strings’ rule? Or will Corinne let go of the fantasy of finding Mr One and Only?



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Review 4 Stars



Revue is the first book I have read by this author and honestly it was the cover that originally drew me in. HOT!!!

This book was great fun, Hot boys, Hot male strippers, Hot dirty talking male strippers.

Yep ding, ding, ding,ding we have a winner!!!!

It’s like literary Magic Mike and for me Josh will always be Channing Tatum thrusting his bloody gorgeous hips and shaking that wet dream worthy bum!!!

Josh is a proper dick, but there’s just something about him that is incredibly likable. The banter he has with Cori is funny and flirty and so bloody cute. But then he switches and he turns into a sex god and I swear my girly bits fluttered at him!!!

I liked Cori but at times she was a bit preachy, she’s young but she has an old head on her shoulders and I liked her best when she was having a meltdown or drunk!!

When they were playing tennis I was laughing my head off!

This book was the perfect example of male camaraderie because even though Brad and Josh completed for Cori in the end they were still mates. If that had been girls they would have clawed one another’s eyes out and never spoken again.

All of the guys were adorable and sexy as hell; I’m not sure if they each have a book but if they do I will definitely read.

The sex!!!!

Christ this book starts with a bang, literally lol and every sex scene is intense and sexy and just HOT!!!

I really enjoyed this book; it doesn’t take itself too seriously and kept me thoroughly entertained.

Revue gets 4 stars from me. 

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